OpenSpace Beta services by Red42

Besides our publications, qualification & certifications, Red42 also offers all the services than an individual organization, regardless of size, needs to get going with Beta, and with OpenSpace Beta!

Introductions to OpenSpace Beta

Get acquainted with the approach.
Understand the potential of and the preconditions for OpenSpace Beta. Think through roles and activities of an OpenSpace Beta chapter. And maybe end the session with opting in!

Concept workshops

You already know, or have a feeling, that OpenSpace Beta is the right thing for you and your organization. Sketch out specific activities to get started. Reflect upon roles and preconditions for getting started. And, ideally, end the session with opting in!
For our concept sessions with you, we will make use of visual techniques such as Manual Thinking, and we will employ the OpenSpace Beta handbook and time line.

OpenSpace Beta - the full package

You are convinced that OpenSpace Beta is the way to go. Clarify your questions with us and get started with setting the stage for full-fledged organizational transformation in just 90 days!
We support you in getting ready, and help you to get going, making sure  everyone gets offers to opt in!