The OpenSpace Beta handbook

 A handy reference and a highly useful resource. Internationally available now!

A breakthrough approach to organizational transformation towards Beta (formerly known as the Beyond Budgeting  model). A pocket guide for making Beta real! This book is for anyone who is interested in creating rapid and lasting Beta transformation. It is for company executives, directors, managers, team leaders, and the consultants and coaches who serve them.


This is the practical guide to making the Beta organization happen - in just a couple of months.

Sounds impossible? It isn´t anymore! This handbook spells out an all-hands, high-engagement approach to organizational transformation that is suitable for any kind of company - regardless of size, age, country/culture, legal form and industry! Seemingly obvious and yet groundbreaking, this is the way to make the Beta organization happen. Anywhere. Fast. 


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The ebook will follow soon.


Written by Silke Hermann & Niels Pflaeging.

BetaCodex Publishing. 146 pages, fully colored, paperback. With a foreword by Daniel Mezick.

€11,99/US$14.99/ £10.99/CA$20.99/A$17.99 . Buy it online through this website (international shipping!).

OpenSpace Beta handbook "teaser trailer"

Making of the  OpenSpace Beta handbook

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Bonus content on OpenSpace Beta

Forthcoming: Bonus content for OpenSpace Beta practitioners!  Check back on this website frequently.

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